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Novo Nordisk

Branche Helbred
Grundlæggelsesår 1923
Antal ansatte mere end 3000 ansatte

At Novo Nordisk, we are driving change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic conditions.

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. This heritage has given us experience and capabilities that also enable us to help people defeat other serious chronic conditions: haemophilia, growth disorders and obesity.

Your opportunities

Novo Nordisk is a global company offering worldwide opportunities to employees. From research and development, through to manufacturing, marketing and sales, the skills and backgrounds that our employees bring to work are diverse.

Our comprehensive value chain offers the potential for you to experience areas of the business outside your initial skill set, so developing your career through in-house as well as external training.

Individual development plans

At Novo Nordisk we all have an individual development plan (IDP). Your IDP enables you to set both short-term and long-term goals for your career. You will meet with your manager annually to outline or revisit your development plan and to identify your strengths and development needs. You will most likely include a variety of activities in your plan, depending on your goals and your preferred learning style. Examples of activities include: job rotations, on-the-job training,mentoring, coaching, and external/internal training courses.

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